Winter Wedding TipsThere’s no event quite as dreamy as a winter wedding. If you’re one of the lucky brides or grooms planning your upcoming nuptials in the new year, we have a few winter wedding tips to help you stick to your bridal budget and have the day of your dreams.

Serve Up Some Comfort Food

When it’s cold outside, we all crave delicious comfort food. Wedding guests are no different, so consider serving up something hearty and warm. There’s no such thing as a must-have wedding menu, so get creative and add soup or stew to your selection if you wish! Plus, comfort foods likely cost less than fancier fine-dining dishes.

Choose a Cold-Weather Color Scheme

No matter what colors you choose, it’s important that you love them and they represent your style and the season. Some excellent color scheme ideas for winter are silver, burgundy, white, ivory, and gold… the colors and color combinations are limitless.

Dress in Layers

You don’t want to be cold or uncomfortable on your big day, so be sure to add layers under your wedding dress and encourage your wedding party to do the same. This way you can take as many of those gorgeous outdoor wedding photos as you want.

Don’t Forget the Favors!

Thoughtful wedding favors can go a long way with your guests and you don’t need to spend a lot to make a big impact. Check out our Filled Tin Pail Wedding Favor idea or Long-Stem Glass Tealight Candleholder Favor idea for inspiration and save on $1 favors at

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