Woodland Baby ShowerThrowing a baby shower for your upcoming friend or family member and have no idea what theme to choose? Well no worries because I am here to show you one of my all-time favorite baby shower themes, which I have actually done for my friends in the past. It’s a little nutty and a whole lot of fun, so get the party started with a woodland, nature-inspired theme!

Surround your guests with forest-vibes, using ferns, pinecones, moss, and natural wholesome snacks and treats. This timeless theme is perfect for gender-neutral baby showers to celebrate baby girls and boys. Follow these 5 ideas for décor, snacks, and favors to create a dreamy woodland setting!

Foxy Table Décor Tips

  1. Create a sign that says “We Can Bearly Wait!” using one of Dollar Tree’s chalkboards and paint pens!Woodland Baby Shower
  2. Create and hang a festive moss banner that says “Baby”. Glue moss directly to cut cardstock or poster board. Next, glue the individual pieces of the banner to the twine. Finally, glue letters that spell out “Baby” to each individual section of the banner or use letters to spell out the baby’s name!Woodland Baby Shower
  3. Create various treats such as trail mix, fruit, pretzel sticks, and “acorns” using Nutter Butter® Bites and Hershey’s® Kisses!Woodland Baby ShowerWoodland Baby Shower
  4. Create small succulent planters as party favors!Woodland Baby Shower

Looking for more decorative pieces for your baby shower? Check out this beautiful floral display!

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